Antonio Hernandez, member of teenage bicycle gang, "Fixie Goon$" busts a few moves on camera while out with friends in Logan Square, Chicago.
Okyline King, climbs famous pole at the Square that has hundreds of used tires wrapped around its base. The riders explained that they go through tires once or twice a month. Taking from this pole saves money.
The reason why these kids need new tires all the time.
Moses Aponte, another member of Fixie Goon$, dons his crew's t-shirt and holds up his bike at the Eagle.
Last but not least, is Ryan, a daring dude.
Fixie Goon$ assemble compose a track stand for the camera.
Nikon FM2n, 35mm 1:2 Ai-s,
Kodak Tri-X pushed to 800,
Rated at 800. Basic Frontier Scan.
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